Friday, October 21, 2011

New Friends, the Sequel

One of the truly great things that I appreciate about Nashville, and specifically about the Americana scene while I was in Nashville, is the real sense of community that is shared among the artists.  My initial reservations about attending the Americana Music Conference was short lived as I happened to come in contact with a fellow Canadian who now resides in Nashville and is working hard to promote a wonderfully talented Canadian artist trying to break through in Nashville and the United States as a whole.

At a showcase held at The Listening Room that was organized independently from the Americana Music Association Festival, I was introduced to three up-and-coming artists who we'll be seeing and hearing a lot of in the near future.  The one artist in this showcase that stood out in my mind was the talented Canadian I mentioned above.  

Hailing from the fertile musical ground of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Trevor Finlay has been in Nashville for the past few years showing Music City that he's there to stay.  Drawing from his many influences, which include guitar wizards like Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and B.B. King, mixed with some Johnny Cash, Trevor delivers the kind of performance that gets you moving and feeling good in your soul.  His guitar prowess is powerful, reminiscent of another guitar wizard from Winnipeg, Randy Bachman.  It's not easy to master the slide guitar -- Trevor has it mastered and he gladly demonstrates this ability in his shows.  The clever original tune "Love, Peace and French Fry Grease" showcases Trevor's wonderful songwriting ability, making this emerging star the quintessential triple threat of singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. 

After releasing seven albums and receiving numerous awards from such respected bodies as the Toronto Blues Society, Trevor is preparing for his debut release in the United States sometime in early 2012.  We can all look forward to a long and extensive career from a fantastic artist who is continuing to grow his fan base and hone his craft.  Pay attention to this star on the rise.  

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