Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Day(s) Ahead

It was with much excitement that I left home and made my way to Nashville yesterday (October 10).  I have had the great fortune to visit many cities across North America, but Nashville is at the top of my favorite places to be.  There is a certain creative energy that exists in this city, one that can't really be described.  It's one of those things where you sum it up by saying, "You have to be there" if you want to fully understand it.  I acknowledge there are many great cities out there that have a creative energy of their own (New York, Chicago, Toronto), but the energy here is in a class all its own.

I'm in Nashville this week to attend the Americana Music Festival and Conference.  This is my first time attending such a conference.  I admit to having some butterflies.  I'll be sharing the company of people who work in this business for their living, some will have spent many decades in the music business.  My attendance this week has me in the role of the rookie in the Super Bowl ... I'm happy to be here, I'm thrilled to be taking this all in, and I hope to make a positive contribution when the time comes.  

I have three simple goals this week:  gather and share ideas on what can be offered on this blog, establish contacts to expand what's offered on this blog and write/share the daily events of this week.  There are many, many events happening around town this week both affiliated with the Americana Music Association and non-affiliated.  The week culminates with the pinnalce of the Associations' year as the Americana Music Association Awards take place on Thursday October 13.  Watch for the predictions piece tomorrow.

I have spent the morning crafting my agenda for the upcoming days, and it's pretty stacked.  Conference week starts at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, and we hit the ground running.  For the rest of the day though, I'm going to take in the music history of Nashville.  I'm off to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and cap off the day with a performance of the Grand Ole Opry. 

Man alive, this is a great town!!

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