Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Album Review: Reagan Boggs, "Quicksand"

The latest release from Virginia native Reagan Boggs is actually my introduction to this wonderful singer-songwriter.  Already receiving much praise, "Quicksand" is a strong album that is a great step forward in a budding career for Ms. Boggs.

Writing twelve of the thirteen tracks on the project, Ms. Boggs takes us on a journey of personal growth and strength of the human condition.  Kicking off with the straight-ahead country song "On a Bad Note", she tells a tale of love gone bad while remaining thankful for the good memories that relationship produced.  "Saving Grace" speaks to life for many of us when we are stretched to the core and in need of something to get us through.  "When It Mattered" is a solid and sarcastic kiss-off song, reminiscent of more than one Loretta Lynn classic, yet arranged to be completely unique. 

Country-soul takes center stage with "Can't Do Life", while Ms. Boggs shows off her fun side with "Appalachia."  The melancholy "Seldom Do" is a beautiful and reflective piece that speaks to changes in life, yet some people remain the same.  Two of the finest tracks on the album are duets, the first being the latest single off the album "Better Man."  Featuring one of East Nashville's finest, Eric Brace on backing vocals, "Better Man" is the only track on the album not written by Boggs.  A cover of the Pearl Jam classic, written by Eddie Vedder, the song is a brilliant ballad that is told from the female perspective.  It is a highlight of the album and the artists are very deserving of the accolades they are receiving for their performance of this song.

Not to be outdone, the other duet on this album in my mind is equally as good.  "You Deserve Better", performed with Dave Coleman, is a Reagan Boggs original that is absolutely heartbreaking.  A story that many out there have lived, a tale of two people falling out of love and going through the motions.  After denying the inevitable, they now realize where their relationship will ultimately end. 

"Quicksand" represents the continued strong growth of Reagan Boggs as an all-around artist.  Her vocal is strong and striking.  Her writing tells life stories that matter and affect the listener.  Reagan Boggs is as fine a singer as you will hear on the road and radio today.  Keep listening to this rising star, it won't be the last you hear of Reagan Boggs.  "Quicksand" is poised to be a breakout album of the year in Americana.  Visit Reagan's web site to listen to "Quicksand", as well as her previous releases, and to purchase the album.  You can also visit Amazon to purchase "Quicksand" as well.

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