Friday, April 19, 2013

Some Pre-Record Store Day Suggestions

A great spring tradtion for music buffs everywhere takes place tomorrow with Record Store Day 2013.  No matter where you are, come on out and support your local independent record store.  Many record stores will be holding special in store promos with special releases and performances from local and national artists.  Some record stores, such as Grimey's in Nashville and Sonic Boom in Toronto will be holding all day performances inside and outside the store.  Vinyl Alibi, our local record store in Bowmanville, is also an active participant.  I will be passing by Vinyl Alibi, as well as Sonic Boom.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions if you're out and about participating in Record Store Day and looking for some great music:

  • Blackberry Smoke, The Whiphoorwhill:  The latest release from the veteran Southern rockers is bringing new fans to this fantastic group on a daily basis, and why not?  If these guys are good enough to be on Southern Ground Artists, a record label owned by Zac Brown, then clearly they're worthy of your time.  "Pretty Little Lie" and "Left of Me", as well as the title track, are key pieces on this wonderful album
  • The Deep Dark Woods, The Place We Left Behind:  Last year's release from this outstanding band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan stands as one of the best and unique sounding records from 2012.  Watch for the vinyl copy of this album in your local store
  • Elizabeth Cook, Welder:  This outstanding 2011 release from one of the most wonderful and beautiful talents in Americana brought Ms. Cook's career to a whole new level.  Elizabeth Cook put her heart on her sleeve with this album, ranging from fun tracks like "El Camino" to a song that is a true story about her sister, titled "Heroin Addict Sister."  This album was among those nominated by the Americana Music Association for Album of the Year in 2011.  A fantastic record.
  • Jamey Johnson, Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran:  I'm the first to confess that I'm a huge fan of Jamey Johnson.  Not just for the great music that he continues to release, but for what he seemingly stands for as an artist.  He's the modern day answer to Waylon Jennings, in that he records what he wants, how he wants and always keeps his music true to himself.  It's a quality that is deserving of respect, and he is well respected among his peers and fans alike.  This 2012 release was a bit of a risk for Jamey following the gold selling success of his two previous albums, That Lonesome Song and The Guitar Song.  This wonderful tribute to his longtime close friend, and one of the greatest songwriters in music history, Hank Cochran, features duets with Asleep at the Wheel, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Vince Gill and several others.  Jamey does a couple of tunes on his own, including a great cover of Hank's "Would These Arms Be In Your Way", which was originally recorded by the late great Keith Whitley.  If you're a fan of music that focuses on the strength of the lyrics in a song, this album is one of the best you could ever find.  It's a treasure, and one that I'm proud to have in my collection
There are so many great albums out there by so many great artists.  Record Store Day is a great day to celebrate the beauty of music in all its artistry.  From the singers, to the instrumentalist, to the songwriter, to the producers and engineers of the album, all the way up to the great community hub that is the independent record store, all play a part in celebrating this great artform.  What can you expect when you go to your local record shop on Record Store Day?  Who knows, you could be surprised.  And really, that could be the coolest part about going.  You never know what could happen next.

I'll leave you with a great little column from a great web site, CMT Edge, which highlights 12 more albums for your perusal.  Enjoy!!

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